Lm13700 limiter схема

lm13700 limiter схема
This is already a significant limitation because the working voltage is so low. This site uses cookies to help make it more useful and reliable, and by using the site you are consenting to their use. To find out more about cookies, or learn how to change your browser settings, go to our Privacy and Cookies page. Wenn man sich das Datenblatt des LM13700 zu Gemte fhrt, erfhrt man, dass der Bias-Input-Verstrker auf dem Potential von -Ub liegt. Normally, the source voltage is made high enough that the JFET is turned off, and the control voltage turns it on. N-Channel JFETs as shown are depletion-mode devices, and need the gate to be negative with respect to the source to be turned off.

This isn’t a problem with a compressor/ limiter, because it will self-correct, but if used as a volume control (for example) any drift will cause the level to change. Since the harmonics generated extend beyond the passband of the ECF, you’ll hear this as a kind of animation to an otherwise broadband sound, rather than any sort of obvious wah. Dies wre also die Grundlage fr eine komfortable AGC-Schaltung, wenn man den Aufwand nicht scheut. R1 bildet mit einem Teil des P1 einen Spannungsteiler vor dem nichtinvertierenden Eingang.

Because of this and discrete level steps (rather than smooth analogue control), the performance will almost certainly be somewhat south of woeful. As a general-purpose level (volume) control where speed is not an issue, digital pots are common. Not much problem there. In most cases, this simply means providing appropriate gain within the envelope follower itself, or feeding it with an already boosted (or attenuated) signal. Faster attack allows for synchrony with the beat, since it is easier for the player to predict where and when maximum sweep will occur in relation to the beat. One of the best known ones was the Tel Labs Q81 type resistor. I actually have some of these for sale on my web site, but, because they are imposible to get these days, they are expensive and should only be used to refurbish old equipment.

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