Схема проводки вольво 240

схема проводки вольво 240
Well actually, in between: Pull the old lights out, do this, then put the new lights in (see below). I thought I could get away with doing all of the «hardware» first, and wiring second. However, the jumpers are a bit different:Get a 1K 1/4w resistor and cut the leads down to about 1/2″ at each end. One prototype was built which was painted in metallic silver with black and orange ‘Starsky and Hutch’-style stripes down both sides. The running excuse for our inferior U.S. headlamps is that in Europe, overhead signs are lighted, whereas in the US they aren’t, and consequently, in the US, these signs need to be lighted by headlamps. This equates to 4km of driving for every kilowatt-hour of electricity (about five cents per kilometre using GreenPower), which isn’t bad compared to the cost of petrol. The Bosch Hall effect distributors let you use almost any MegaSquirt variant out there.The Bosch LH2.2 system kept the ignition control separate from the fuel control (two separate computers), and these used a Hall effect sensor in the distributor that reads a rotor with four vanes on it.

The GL’s and GLE’s had rectangular headlamps and a new grille. This was to increase engine life and improve fuel economy. More Results — Gratuitous pictures…. Was it worth it? This prevents the batteries from being able to come outduring a roll-over, and also neatly locates them in the enclosure. Economy and financialTo measure the charging electricity, we purchased a 15A PowerMate energy meter and we diligently record all energy used to charge the car. Most people have a machine shop fabricate an aluminium plate to join the motor to the transmission’s bellhousing, but we have access to a drill press and various other tools, so we decided to make it ourselves.

One such variation on a theme was the 343 R-Sport. The batteries have 16mm recesses running up each side, so we used this feature to key into 16mm solid aluminium bars running the width of the battery box. Republiched from Renew magazine with permission from Greg Sievert, Volvo Club member and Volvo enthusiast. The hard work paid off and by the end of the holidays we installed the box and loaded the batteries into it.

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